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Folding table with benches B-12

Model: B-12


The twelve-footer with benches (9″x69″) is often used as an answer to increase seating capacity. 20 children can be seated when allowing 14 1/2″ of user space.

[tabs direction=”top” tab1=”Unfolded Dimensions” tab2=”Folded Dimensions” tab3=”Seating Capacity” tab4=”Seating Space”]

[tab1] [table td1=”Model” td2=”Table Length” td3=”Table Height”] [td1]B-10[/td1] [td2]10’1″[/td2] [td3]29 1/2″[/td3] [td1]B-12[/td1] [td2]12’1″[/td2] [td3]29 1/2″[/td3] [td1]S-10[/td1] [td2]10’1″[/td2] [td3]29 1/2″[/td3] [/table] [/tab1]

[tab2] [table td1=”Model” td2=”Width” td3=”Depth” td4=”Height”] [td1]B-10[/td1] [td2]56″[/td2] [td3]23″[/td3] [td4]76″[/td4] [td1]B-12[/td1] [td2]56″[/td2] [td3]23″[/td3] [td4]78 1/2″[/td4] [td1]S-10[/td1] [td2]60″[/td2] [td3]30″[/td3] [td4]76″[/td4] [/table] [/tab2] [tab3] [table td1=”Model” td2=”Children” td3=”Adult”] [td1]B-10[/td1] [td2]16[/td2] [td3]12[/td3] [td1]B-12[/td1] [td2]20[/td2] [td3]16[/td3] [td1]S-10[/td1] [td2]12[/td2] [td3]12[/td3] [/table] [/tab3] [tab4] [table td1=”Model” td2=”Children” td3=”Adult”] [td1]B-10[/td1] [td2]15″[/td2] [td3]20″[/td3] [td1]B-12[/td1] [td2]14 1/2″[/td2] [td3]18″[/td3] [td1]S-10[/td1] [td2]20″[/td2] [td3]20″[/td3] [/table] [/tab4] [/tabs]


Rollaway locking device

  • Self locking by gravity device when the table is folded into storage position.
  • Increase safety as table will not open accidentally unless lock is released by user.

Other features

  • Easy to close (pneumatic lift assist) easy to roll without risk of falling or opening because of its wide wheelbase (23″x56″) and eccentric lock design

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