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Lunchroom table Series B2 and B4

  • Model: B4-101P

  • Model: B2-3018



[table td1=”Model” td2=”Top Size” td3=”Seat and back or round seat”] [td1]B2-101P[/td1] [td2]24″x24″[/td2] [td3]Polyethylene[/td3] [td1]B2-3018[/td1] [td2]24″x24″[/td2] [td3]Polyethylene[/td3] [td1]B2-PLST[/td1] [td2]24″x24″[/td2] [td3]Polyethylene (round)[/td3] [td1]B2-302A[/td1] [td2]24″x24″[/td2] [td3]Laminated (round)[/td3] [td1]B4-101P[/td1] [td2]24″x48″[/td2] [td3]Polyethylene[/td3] [td1]B4-3018[/td1] [td2]24″x48″[/td2] [td3]Polyethylene[/td3] [td1]B4-PLST[/td1] [td2]24″x48″[/td2] [td3]Polyethylene (round)[/td3] [td1]B4-302A[/td1] [td2]24″x48″[/td2] [td3]Laminated (round)[/td3] [/table]


Table top

  • Series 322A DUROTOP
  • Top size : 24″x24″ (1 or 2 top)

Tubular steel frame and legs

  • Frame : tubular steel 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ and 1″ x 2″, 16 gauge
  • Backrest : 7/8″ round tube, 16 gauge
  • Height : 29″

Metal finishes (powder coated)

  • Pre-treated metal fully cleaned and coated with polyester powder applied electrostatically and baked at high temperature for better durability.

Assembly components

  • Polyethylene heavy duty glides
  • Graded screws
  • 3/16″ steel pop rivet


  • Large choice of colors for frame, top and plastic
  • Chrome frame
  • Floor fastener steel plate
  • Special height

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