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Wall panel Series 47

Model: 47-18, 47-24, 47-36, 47-48, 47-60


[table td1=”Model” td2=”Dimensions”] [td1]47-18[/td1] [td2]Coat rack
46cm x 13cm (18in x 5in)
2 hooks[/td2] [td1]47-24[/td1] [td2]Coat rack
61cm x 13cm (24in x 5in)
3 hooks[/td2] [td1]47-36[/td1] [td2]Coat rack
91cm x 13cm (36in x 5in)
4 hooks[/td2] [td1]47-48[/td1] [td2]Coat rack
122cm x 13cm (48in x 5in)
6 hooks[/td2] [td1]47-60[/td1] [td2]Coat rack
152cm x 13cm (60in x 5in)
7 hooks[/td2] [/table]



  • 3/4″ wide steel, 10 gauge

Wall plate

  • Birch multi-ply (11 ply), 15mm (5/8in) thick
  • Lacquer; 35% gloss, clear colour.

Hooks finish

  • Veined silver

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