Mobile bench/table Series BT-8

  • Model: BT-8 (bench)

    BT-8 (bench)
  • Model: BT-8 (table)

    BT-8 (table)


BT-8 6 5
BT-6 4 3
BT-8 15" 20"


  • Space saving (increase capacity by 33%)
  • Energy and time saving (easy to fold)
  • Saves money (use same room for more then one purpose, maintenance free and long lasting)
  • Rollaway when not needed
  • Built in safety features (automatic table top lock when open, locking swivel caster, no pinch feature and a wide wheelbase)


Top / bench

  • Series 312V

14 gauge tubular steel frame

  • Heavy duty top skirt made of two 1 1/2" angle bar 1/8" thick welded together at 4 points
  • Bench skirt made of 1" round tubing
  • Leg assembly made of 1 1/4" square tubing welded in 4 points for better stability.

Metal finishes

  • Pre-treated metal fully cleaned and coated with polyester powder applied electrostatically and baked at high temperature for better durability.

Assembly components

  • 3" heavy duty non marking swivel casters.
  • Polyethylene heavy duty glide
  • Graded bolts, nylon locknuts and screws.


  • Large selection of top material
  • Large selection of top/frame colors

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